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I have a question for the group concerning liability exposure for air bag deployment.  According to the Pathways program if the front air bag deployed on a 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt LT, then you must replace seat belts in use at the time of the accident. Here is my question, if this vehicle is sent to a DRP shop, or inspected by a vehicle appraiser, how does one know how many persons were in the vehicle and where they were sitting. According to I-Car and General Motors, it states The following must be replaced following deployment. Quote "any seat belt system in use including seat belts used to secure an infant carrier, and booster seats including the latch system and the top tether anchorages"  If this vehicle is repaired and returned to the owner, and at a later date the vehicle is involved is another accident and the seat belt fails, who is liable, the body shop or the insurance company. What happens if the vehicle is traded in and 6 months later  involved in an accident and the seat belt fails.

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Old school approach is to obtain a R/s from the driver to determine where he places the passengers in the vehicle and if they were wearing seat-belts. Follow-up the R/S with a vehicle inspection to determine if the seat-belts were in a locked out position, which they should be if the belts were in use and the brakes were applied prior to and/or during impact. Most belts involved in heavy impacts are usually cut by rescue personnel during their attempts to remove persons from the vehicle. When all else fails use good judgement and error on the side of caution/safety not on economics. Thanks, VT w/TMCS, Inc.


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